Local Pumpkin Patches & Tips for Making the Day Fun


I’m pretty sure that my parents never took me to a single pumpkin patch when I was growing up. I just don’t remember it being a thing for us Texas kids. But now, well, by golly, a fall pumpkin patch is an important rite of passage for today’s kiddos, and it’s a permanent part of my fall to-do list.

Last October, my little Wrenn was only three months old – unable to even sit up on her own, much less have any idea what a pumpkin patch was all about. But I called my sister anyway and asked if her family wanted to meet us so we could take pictures for each other. A few lessons I learned as a first-time pumpkin patch mom:

1. Bring a change of clothes. My little one had a blow-out diaper the minute we got to the pumpkin patch, so we had to go with Outfit #2. Just assume it will happen to you!

2. Set low expectations. For us, it wasn’t exactly easy to capture awesome photos of our little one, since she couldn’t sit up on her own. We did a few obligatory photos of her lying on a blanket surrounded by pumpkins, and a few quick family photos. My one-year-old nephew fell and hit his head on a pumpkin and cried. My colicky baby had a meltdown. There was a lady’s rear end in the background of my favorite family photo. It just happens… so keep your sense of humor!

3. Invite another family so you can take each others’ pictures. My little family of three rarely gets a picture together that isn’t a selfie. By bringing friends, you can help each other out so that MAYBE you can capture a frame-worthy moment. Or, at least a moment that you can laugh about later.

4. Enjoy the memories. I hope that once Wrenn is a little older we can make it a special family outing, where she can pick her very own pumpkin to decorate. It’s an easy, inexpensive family outing, and a fun tradition we can create. In the meantime, I’m excited to bring her back this year, now that she’s 15 months old and can enjoy running around the pumpkin patch, enjoying the fresh air. Even if she still has no idea what’s going on.

Don’t know where to go? We found some resources to help you find a local pumpkin patch in Tarrant County:

DFW Child’s List of Best Pumpkin Patches in DFW

Pumpkin Patches Sorted by County


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