Meet the Bloggers

1507669_10151799377216120_1312250613_nBethe Wright

I have the privilege of being the mama to one-year-old Wrenn Olivia, a big-eyed baby girl who loves to give hugs and climb furniture and SLEEP (bless her). Being a mother is the best thing I have ever done – watching my baby girl experience new adventures for the first time brings me so much joy. In between watching Frozen on repeat and washing sippy cups, I work full-time as the Creative Services and Media Director for Lionheart Children’s Academy. I like to think that all of us moms – whether working, staying at home, or something in between – are on the same team, working together to raise these littles into healthy adults, while maintaining our sanity – and humor – and encouraging each other to make it another day.
In my spare time, I love to try new restaurants with my husband, Mr. Right, quilt, and travel. You can also find me writing for an event blog and my personal blog.

LCA Bio picChristy Laue

For reasons unknown to me, I was chosen to be a mommy. I dreamed of how beautiful an experience it would be ever since I was a little lady. So, when I found out I was pregnant with my precious Piper June, I became an expert (or so I thought). I read all the blogs, got all the gear, and could quote “What To Expect” from memory. Little did I know, all the blogs in the world could not prepare me for being a mother for the first time. Coming home from the hospital without a manual was terrifying! Am I right, ladies? But, with the help of amazing family and friends, I made it through Postpartum Depression. Now, I have a vibrant and verbose three-year-old that I am so much better for knowing. I love being her mommy and have such a great network of mommy-friends. After all, we’re all in this motherhood-thing together!

My husband and I share a love for live music, adventure, and lazy days. I can’t imagine this journey without his support, encouragement, and sense of humor. We also get to hang out and do life with high school kids at our church. We like to think it helps us stay young and hip!


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