Teaching Kiddos To Spread The Love

love; beautiful hands of children holding green heart shapeThe holiday season is coming! In my house, it starts with Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving, and topped off with Christmas & New Years. Those are the big guys, anyways.

We love giving and receiving gifts, dressing up for Halloween & trick-or-treating, and giving lots of thanks.

Along with eating lots of food. 🙂

I also live for decorating.

More importantly, this year I’m excited to incorporate some “giving back” into our holiday traditions. To me, it’s important to teach our three-year-old that there are other people in this world, and some of them need help. My husband and I want her to experience the privilege of giving first-hand and see the joy in helping others.

Here are some causes you can be part of, or donate to, if you want to spread the love this holiday season (or any time of year):

  1. Donate that extra Halloween candy to our troops.
  2. Donate to Toys for Tots.
  3. Donate or volunteer with the Salvation Army’s Christmas Angel Tree.
  4. Sponsor a child. There are lots of organizations to choose from, find one that resonates with your family.
  5. Donate food to or volunteer to distribute food at a local food bank.
  6. Go through closets, bookshelves, and toy boxes and donate things. Here’s a big list of who needs/accepts what.
  7. Make Care Kits for the Homeless. This is something little ones can help with, and it can be stored in your car for times when you see someone in need.
  8. Make a card to send to out of town family – we can serve loved ones in addition to strangers.
  9. Make a jar of hearts for dad, mom, sister, etc.
  10. Contribute to or pay the bill of the person behind you in the check-out line at the grocery store.
  11. The next time you go out for a meal, pay another table’s bill.
  12. Pick up trash in your neighborhood.
  13. Deliver Meals on Wheels (we did this one Christmas day when I was a kid).
  14. Make Chemo Care Packages for a local oncology center or for someone you know going through chemotherapy.
  15. Contact a local foster care agency and make care packages for their children. Often children arrive at the center with nothing and have great needs.
  16. Write letters and send care packages to service men and women.

(Lots of these ideas came from Pennies of Time & FeelsLikeHome)

Which cause do you like the best? Which one are your kids most excited about? What other ways does your family give back? I’d love to hear, so leave a comment below!


LCA SigAbout Lionheart: Lionheart Children’s Academy is a non-profit Christian organization committed to excellence in early childhood education. We are passionate about equipping kids to be world changers, and supporting working parents who need quality, affordable care and education for their children. Our first center is located at Lake Arlington Baptist Church in South Arlington.

At Lionheart Children’s Academy, we place a priority on our relationships with not only our children, but also our parents. We invite you to visit us in person and take a tour of our facility. We’ll answer your questions and then walk you through the enrollment process. To schedule a tour, please call us at 817-768-6865 or click here to schedule online.

To read more about Lionheart Children’s Academy, visit our website.

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