Mom Encouragement

I am so guilty of overusing this hashtag. Okay – maybe I’m just an over-hashtag user all around, but this one is my favorite.

Know why?

I’m discovering the freedom – like twirling in an open field on a cool day – that comes from choosing to be grateful. Not a feeling of gratitude, nor a judgement that you’re better than others – but the perspective that is gained from a conscious, objective thought about what is good in us and around us.

The other day, no lie, my three year old told me that she was grateful to be my kid, and grateful to be with me as we sat together in her chair.

Nothing else in this natural world can quite compare to those little, high-pitched words coming from that teeny person with an amazing mind.

Because this is a post about being grateful, I won’t talk about how dramatic and emotional I tend to be – I’ll just be grateful for the tenderness I’m wired with, and say that those words deeply moved me there, in that chair. 🙂

After putting this little pixie-haired girl to sleep, the tasks that awaited me were a little less precious than the moments before them: packing lunch, making sure I had each food group covered, feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, and having a good cry.

My sweet hubby peeked over at me in the kitchen and gently reminded me to, “Do today.”


For being here, now. In my home. On that chair. With my baby.

For a life partner that gently brings me back to reality and assures me that I can do this thing called life.

Life is attitude and perspective and choices and grace. I choose grateful. I choose to be grateful for a brain that works well enough to feel overwhelmed. Grateful that trees are green and not red. Grateful for counter tops big enough to make lunch on.

I challenge you – busy, working, tired, joyful, gracious, loving reader – find it wherever you can and cling to it because choosing to be grateful will help to keep your mind in check and life in perspective.

What are you #grateful for? Leave a comment – I’d love to know!



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To read more about Lionheart Children’s Academy, visit our website.

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