13 Things new parents stress about that seem silly later

I’m so glad I’m not the only first-time mama who stresses over silly things! I remember my first night after we brought our daughter home from the hospital, and I cried to my husband, saying, “How will we EVER sleep AGAIN?” so dramatically after an hour of us constantly getting up to check the bassinet, five feet from our bed, to make sure she was still breathing.

(PS – I discovered the answer. EVERYTHING gets easier. And you get so tired, that you WILL sleep again. You know, between all the feedings.)

Now that I’ve got one year of parenting under my belt, I like to think that I’ve settled down a little (maybe?), but I decided to survey my fellow mom friends on Facebook to see what things THEY stressed about with their first child that, upon looking back at it, seem kind of silly.


1. I stressed about the importance of a monthly photo during her first year, with the exact same backdrop and the perfect outfit. I managed to take that monthly photo on time maybe once or twice, but by the last few months, I would take her monthly photo the night before she turned a month older. And you know what – IT DIDN’T MATTER. I didn’t use those photos at her party, and I still have hundreds thousands of photos of her first year. –Me

2. With my firstborn, I made sure she took naps at the exact same time every day, and went to bed at the exact same time whether she was tired or not, because heaven forbid we get off a schedule – which led to a lot of rocking and walking and bouncing and screaming. Now with my boys, I’m much more relaxed on the schedule and put them down when they are ready to lay down. Everyone is much happier. –Jacquelyn, mom of 3

3. I thought for sure Kid #1 was an amazing eater due to me making 98 percent of his food, but I did the same thing for Kid #2, and she’s a horrible eater. I have to sneak veggies in her smoothies and food! Sorry to all of the moms I gave food advice to – I’m so embarassed now! –Jenny, mom of 2, with 1 more on the way.

4. Potty training. I was determined to have my first child potty trained by the age of 2, before her sisters arrived. Then with the twins, I didn’t even attempt potty training until they were 4 years old. They basically trained themselves. –Lindsay, mom of 5

5. I used to get so obsessed with what my daughter would wear to church, and how cute she looked, and that she was perfectly nice and neat. The bow all the way to the diaper cover HAD to match. Then the boys came along… I tried to continue that mindset, but inevitably they would get dirty on the way to the car headed to church! Now they are 10, 13, and 15, and I would just LOVE to have those days back! And I promise, how “perfect” they looked would not be an issue – they’re precious just the way they are! –Amanda, mom of 3

6. Nursing. I’m proud I nursed and will do it again with my second, but if I have to give a formula bottle on occasion, I will not cry from an insane amount with guilt. At least, I hope I won’t… – Sarah, mom of 1

7. C-Sections! I used to get jealous of all the mamas out there who were able to deliver the “natural” way. Even though I spent 20 hours in labor and pushed for two, I ended up needing a C-Section.  I felt like people judged me because I couldn’t have a baby the “real” way! The process was as smooth as butter the second time around – I picked the date, time, and was even rested, showered, and had on makeup. I’m way past caring what people think now! My third C-section is scheduled for August, and I’ll be pampered and ready this go-round too! –Christy, mom of 2, with a third on the way

8. I’m embarrassed to even say this. I was cleaning out and organizing pictures and videos today of my son when he was a baby. We had 50 videos of him practicing crawling, standing, walking, (insert milestone), with both of us in the background saying, “Come on! Come on! Come on!” I’m pretty sure I recorded him, you know, just in case today was the day. I was laughing so hard at myself – my son didn’t walk until after his first birthday. With my second child, I’m trying to get her to NOT do these things, and she’s doing them earlier. Go figure!  –Staci, mom of 2

9. I was always comparing my kids to others in regards to what words they knew. My girlfriend’s daughter knew every letter of the alphabet and could point to the letter if you said it. My daughter thought every letter was a “C” at one point. Looking back, they were all smart in their own way, and I shouldn’t have worried so much. Kids just pick up on certain skills sooner than others. -Stephanie, mom of 2, with #3 on the way.

10. Two words: Swim lessons. –Whitnae, mom of 1

11. Oh, I don’t even know what to say, except “poor Evie.” Expectations were so high for her, and she rose to Every. Single. One. Napping, speaking, potty training, reading, etc. And then the four boys came and drop-kicked all my standards and gentlemanly fantasies into the abyss of gross things. And then they did a victory dance. And then they farted. –Rebekah, mom to 5

12. My son was fast at everything… except learning his colors. I had myself completely convinced that he was color blind! I’m serious, I researched and grieved for months that he would never be able to see all the beautiful colors God made in the world. Then one day, he asked for a toy, and I said, “which one?” He said, “the red one.” Turns out, he’s not color blind, just stupendously stubborn to do things in his own time! –Marci, mom to 3

13. Professional baby photos. Child #1: every three months for two years. Child #2: every six months for two years. Child #3: once when he was four. –Jackie, mom to 3

Don’t you just love finding out that you’re not the only one? That all of us have at least a few “crazy mom” moments, whether you have one child or five? I guess I don’t feel quite as guilty for feeling a tiny pang of jealousy when I found out Prince George took his first steps before my daughter (she’s two weeks older than her future husband).

What about you? What silly thing did you fret over with your first? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


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  1. I was so concerned about the things my 1st picked up and put in her mouth. Errant crumbs to carpet fuzz, I kept an eagle eye to make sure she didn’t put anything in her mouth that shouldn’t be there and spent lots of time fishing stuff out. I was so worried about her getting some sort of rare intestinal infection. Now, my kids haven’t even heard to the 5-second rule because anything on the floor is fair game if I’ve swept in the past 24 hrs (which is often not the case.)
    Ruth, mother of 4


    1. Ruth – I’m right there with you! My 1-year-old daughter LOVES to eat carpet fuzz and it grosses me out thinking about all of the chemicals she must be consuming. However, I’ve totally fed her cheerios right off of the floor in her playroom – I mean, if I put them on a plate or in a bowl, she just picks it up and dumps it on the ground anywyay, right?


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