Keep The Shark From Circling

iStock_000020564784SmallWe’ve all experienced it: the bored child.

I’m not sure about yours, but mine literally walks around in circles whining. Sometimes the circles are around me, or the cat, or the dining room table. I’m laughing out loud thinking about the words I just wrote because, to the outside world, the scene really sounds like something straight out of Calvin and Hobbes. All the while, I’m remembering how torturous it can be when I’m just trying to make a healthy dinner to feed the precious growing girl who’s circling me.

Like a shark that’s about to devour its prey.

Here are a few things that work in my house to help keep the joy-filled shark from circling:

1. Relocate: Hide toys & make it a game to find them, rotate them by putting some away in the closet for a month then swapping them out every once and a while (mine loves to re-discover her old baby toys), or the favorite in my house… put inside toys outside.

2. Water: Sounds messy, and it can be, but it’s just water. I’ll take water over whining ANY day. I get two of the biggest Tupperware containers I have, put them on either side of my sink, put a towel on the floor, and a stool in front of the sink. Then add anything that’s not a toy but safe from the kitchen (spoons, measuring cups, plastic bowls) to the water. Instant and free water table!

3. The Big Helper: PJ loves to help me cook. Sometimes I have to pray for three extra doses of patience to make it happen, depending on the day, but it’s usually a fun memory! I let her use small cutting boards, smaller utensils, and pieces of what I’m cutting so she can mutilate till her heart’s content. This is a great way to spend some quality time together, cure boredom, introduce new foods, and practice motor skills.

Not everything works for everyone, but this is what works in our house (most of the time). What works in your home? Leave a comment… I’d love to hear!



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