A working mom’s guide to leaving the house

I’ve always spent a LONG time getting ready in the morning. After all, I waited 32 years to become a mom, which meant a decade of taking my time doing my hair, wandering around my house, throwing in a load of laundry, trying on a dozen outfits to find the “right” one for the day. Most days, I felt rushed.

Ha. Those were the days!

And then I became a mom. Now I know what RUSHED really means. Packing myself, my daughter, making sure the dog is fed and the house is in order, not to mention those nine months I was nursing and had to fit 45 minutes of  nursing and pumping into my schedule… it’s enough to stress a girl out. Those blissful, quiet mornings I had pre-baby seem like a lifetime ago.

Thank goodness for helpful husbands. And to-do lists.

But mornings don’t have to be chaotic, and with a little planning ahead, it can become your favorite part of your day.

5 Ways to Make Your Mornings Less Stressful

1. Fully get ready before the kids wake up. Even though it means an earlier wake-up call, having 30 minutes to get myself ready without worrying about taking care of anybody else is such a treat. It reduces my stress and makes me more efficient. I try to save time by taking a night shower and just wetting my hair the next morning, which saves me 20 minutes. Also – try dry shampoo (obviously invented by a tired mama).

2. Wash dishes and pre-fill sippy cups or bottles the night before. When we were nursing, I had to supplement with formula. We would pre-measure our formula into tiny containers (I used the smallest ones that came with my pump) and store them in our cabinet so we could easily grab-and-go. The same goes for food – pack lunches the night before.

3. Pack the diaper bag the night before. Leave it out so that all you have to do is drop your cooler of food/drinks into it in the morning and take it straight out to your car.

4. Pick out everybody’s clothes the night before. I realize my own mother tried to teach me this about 25 years ago, and I’m just now heeding her advice, but it really does save time. Don’t wear anything that needs to be dried/ironed in the morning – if it’s not ready to go, wear it the next day.

5. Since you’re already ready when the kids wake up, use breakfast time to multi-task. Our one-year-old LOVES to sit in her high-chair and take her time eating her breakfast. I use that time to unload my dishwasher, put everything I need by the door, pack my car (if my husband can stay and keep an eye on her), and take care of anything I forgot to do the night before.

With some planning ahead, mornings can go from stressful to sweet. Be sure to squeeze in a few minutes for yourself – whether you get to savor a cup of coffee or eat something healthy, just a few minutes of peace will make everybody’s day better.

Moms – what other tips do you have to help your mornings go more smoothly?

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About Lionheart: Lionheart Children’s Academy is a non-profit Christian organization committed to excellence in early childhood education. We are passionate about equipping kids to be world changers, and supporting working parents who need quality, affordable care and education for their children.

Our first center is located at Lake Arlington Baptist Church in South Arlington.

At Lionheart Children’s Academy, we place a priority on our relationships with not only our children, but also our parents. We invite you to visit us in person and take a tour of our facility. We’ll answer your questions and then walk you through the enrollment process. To schedule a tour, please call us at 817-768-6865 or click here to schedule online.

To read more about Lionheart Children’s Academy, visit our website.


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